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Sarath Kahawala
We are featuring a collection of songs written by Sarath Kahawala for your listening pleasure.

Sarath Kahawala, a Microsoft certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Engineer (MCP) (MCDST) (MCSA) (MCSE) residing USA and Canada, is a Mass Communication graduates from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

He has worked as an announcer and scriptwriter for SLBC and then joined the Times of Ceylon as a career journalist. He was subeditor of "Vanitha Viththi," a popular weekly women newspaper in Sri Lanka. In 1985, due to the shut down of the Times of Ceylon he started as a freelance journalist writing to "Peramaga" magazine and some other newspapers in Sri Lanka.

Sarath wrote his first song in 1984 for Sanath Nandasiri's SLBC program "Raga Ranga" titled "Denethe Kalmen Mahade Haguman" sung by Sanath Nandasiri who encouraged him to write more songs. Malkanthi Nandasiri, Swarna Sri Bandara, Priyananda Wijesundara (NZ), Yasapala perera, Kularathna Ariyawansa, Sunil Gunawardene, Gunadasa Kapuge, K.M.I. Swarnasinghe (Desathiya). Sriyani Amarasena, and Somasiri Medagedara are among others who gave him spirits and guidance to come on this way.

Sarath has written more than 120 songs for various artists including established artists such as Sanath Nandasiri, Nanda Malani, Neela Wickramasinghe, Deepika Priyadarshanie, Somasiri Medagedara, and young aspiring artists such as Palitha Amarathunga, Gunarathne Vithanachchi, Vijaya Karunagoda and Dulani Abeychandra. His lyrics were composed into music by various music directors such as Sanath Nandasiri, H.M. Jayawardene, Somasiri Medagedara, Sarath De Alwis, Gunartne Vithanachchi, Nimal Jayakody.

Sarath contributed to Sriyani Amarasena's "Irabata Tharuwa" teledrama and wrote all lyrics for the drama "Irabata Tharuwa." These songs were sung by Nanda Malani "Sanda mal pethi Wisiree", by Deepika Priyadarshanie Peris "Hiru sandu se Thani wee Dethane", by Nanda Malani "Mawakage netha noradanaa lesa" and by Dulani Abeychandra (introduce) "Walaawak wee ethie Tharuwaka".

Sarath has written two novels "Thal Weta Addara" and "Andura Misaka Natha Eliyak" and one poetry book "Saranoka.".

He studied Computer Programming and System Design diploma from NIBM (National Institute of Business Management) and Certified Novel Network Administrator from IDM. He also worked for media research institute of Singapore and Malaysia as an assistant Project manager before coming to USA in 1997 to become a Microsoft certified profesional.

Songs featured here written by Sarath were composed by Somasiri Medagedara, H M Jayawardena, Sanath Nandasiri, and Nimal Jayakody. They were sung by Somasiri Medagedara and Neela Wickramasinghe.

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Irabata Tharuwa - Teledrama


Songs from Ira Batu Tharuwa Teledrama - Sarath Kahawala Lyrics
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Bakmaase Nawa Awurudhu by Somasiri Medagedara
00:03:54 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0002Duwage Geethaya by Dulani Abeychandra
00:02:07 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0003Magema Loketa by Somasiri Medagedara
00:03:12 Sarath KahawalaH M Jayawardena
0004Mangala Yahanee by Somasiri Medagedara
00:03:22 Sarath KahawalaSanath Nandasiri
0005Mawage Geethaya 01 by Deepika Priyadarshani
00:01:22 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0006Mawage Geethaya 02 by Deepika Priyadarshani
00:01:41 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0007Mawage Geethaya 03 by Nanda Malini
00:01:09 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0008Perahare Geethaya by Neela Wickramasinghe and Somasiri Medagedara
00:04:16 Sarath KahawalaSomasiri Medagedara
0009Senasuru Apalaya ha Naganiya by Somasiri Medagedara
00:03:27 Sarath KahawalaNimal Jayakody

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