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Sajith Weeraratne

Sajith Weeraratne

We are featuring 04 original songs by a talented singer Sajith Weeraratne for your listening pleasure.

Sajith Weeraratne was born and bred in Bambarabotuwa a flourishing village at the foot of the Samanala mountain range in the Rathnapura district. From his young days he was not only devoted to arts but also showed a great interest and ability for singing. His parents who understood his talent in singing provided him with everything possible to pave the way for it.

He had his primary education at the Vijayaba Maha Vidyalaya in Bambarabotuwa. Having successfully studied at the village school Sajith got through the grade 5 scholarship with flying colours. He then gained admission to Seevali Central College in Rathnapura. Whilst doing his studies to the satisfaction of everybody he became popular in extra curricular activities as well. Before long he was chosen as a junior prefect. The music teacher who had observed his singing talent made him join the main choir in the school. Within a short period he was chosen as the head of the choir.

Sajith who got through the G.C.E. ordinary level examination with distinctions was selected as a senior prefect from the day he commenced his advanced level studies in the mathematics stream. During his period of study he participated in various singing contests and gained great credit. He got through the G.C.E. advance level examination very successfully and was selected to the Quantity Surveying course at the University of Moratuwa. The period that he spent at the University became the inception of his singing career with his University friends encouraging him is develop his talents.

He had a desire to commence his singing career with his own songs. In this sphere he was fortunate enough to get the invaluable services of the present day well known lyrics writers namely Mr. Bandara Ehaliyagoda, Mr. Rathnasri Wijesinghe, Rev. Rambukana Sidhdhartha, Mrs. Yamuna Malani Perera, Mr. Parakrama Kodithuwakku, Mr. W. A. Abeysinghe and Mr. Dharmasiri Gamage. Sajith was privileged enough to have Mr. Rohana Weerasinghe, Dr. Gunadasa Kapuge, Mr. Kalani Perera, Mr. Ranjith Balasuriya and Mr. M. R. Chulasinghe as his music composers.

Sajith who wants a cassette of his own has already recorded four of his songs and three of those songs have visuals. Now Sajith's songs are broadcast over the Sri Lankan commercial service, National service, Lakhanda and Middle East - Umm Al Quain Sinhala service. Even the Sri Lanka National Rupavahini, I.T.N, and Swarnavahini channels telecast his songs.

Having successfully completed his B. Sc. Hons degree in Quantity Surveying he worked in Sri Lanka for about a year. Now he is a Quantity Surveyor in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. His sole aim is to have a collection of his songs and make a cassette & CD of his own in the near future.

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Sudhu Malakwi


Sudhu Malakwi by Sajith Weeraratne
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Andura Nil Wuna
00:03:29 Parakrama KodituwakkuGunadasa Kapuge
0002Pasal Yana Baalawiye
00:02:57 Sajith WeeraratneLionel Weeraratne
0003Pin Purana Ayyandiye
00:03:45 Bandara EheliyagodaRohana Weerasinghe
0004Sudhu Malakwii Oba Pidunaa
00:03:38 Rathna Sri WijesingheRohana Weerasinghe

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