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Ranil Mallawarachchi

Ranil Mallawarachchi

Gifted with the blessing of his farther's voice, Ranil is one of the most popular young artistes in Sri Lanka.

Educated at Nalanda collage, he was a talented sportsman too. He played Cricket for his school and was one of opening batsman for some years before leaving school. He also played rugby for the school rugby team too.

He was musically trained by Visharada Nanda Malani and Edward Jayakody before entering the professional performing circuit.

In His younger days he accompanied his popular father Milton, when he preformed all over Sri Lanka and gradually picked up his style and talent under the influence of Milton Mallawarachchi and now has become a mirror mage of the late great.

Ranil is also very popular overseas where many of his fathers old fans resides. He has performed in France, USA, Australia, UK and several other countries in packed houses.

His ambitions are to entertain audience and fans while singing his fathers song and also producing his own original songs

SBJ is proud to release some of his original song from 2 compact discs for our visitors.

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Sandha Obayi Piyaanane

Sandha Obayi Piyaanane


Sandha Obayi Piyaanane by Ranil Mallawarachchi
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
00:03:33 Sarath Santha JayakodySamantha Perera
0002Balaa Inna
00:03:09 Wasantha DukgannaralaPradeep Bogahawatta
0003Duwana Muwan
00:05:06 Lakshman MallawarachchiSarath de Alwis
0004Eka Lathawakata
00:03:34 Hemasiri HalpitaSarath de Alwis
0005Eluwan Kannayi
00:03:28 Nilar N KassimSamantha Perera
0006Ganga Addara
00:04:36 Hemasiri HalpitaSarath de Alwis
0007Kaliyuga Kaale
00:03:41 Nilar N KassimPradeep Bogahawatta
00:04:35 Ananda PadmasiriMilton Peiris
00:04:08 Ananda PadmasiriGrecian Ananda
0010Obe Depa Mula
00:03:00 Ajantha RanasingheJagath Kumara Watawala
0011Pem Katha
00:03:50 Shelton WeeraratneSamantha Perera
00:04:05 Bandula K JaagodaJagath Kumara Watawala
0013Sanda Obayi Piyanane
00:04:16 Ananda PadmasiriGrecian Ananda
0014Sandha Rae
00:05:06 Wasantha DukgannaralaPradeep Bogahawatta
0015Sihinen Raeta
00:04:15 Hemasiri HalpitaSarath de Alwis
0016Wasantha Pem
00:03:48 Ananda PadmasiriStanley Peiris

Ranil Mal 16

Ranil Mal 16


Ranil Mal Gee 16 by Ranil Mallawarachchi
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Ada Heta Oba Maa
00:03:23 K D K DharmawardenaClarence Wijewardena (New - Pradeep Bogahawatta)
0002Andurata Huruwii
00:03:21 Nilar N KassimPradeep Bogahawatta
00:03:12 Nilar N KassimHarsha Bulathsinhala
0004Dayabara Priyawi
00:02:54 LewisStanley Peiris (New - Pradeep Bogahawatta)
0005Deadara Wilikun
00:03:51 K D K DharmawardenaVictor Ratnayake (New - Pradeep Bogahawatta)
0006Dewa Kirilliye
00:05:07 Sudath Prasanna WithanageHarsha Bulathsinhala
0007E Mage Malayi
00:03:46 Lucien BulathsinhalaHarsha Bulathsinhala
0008Kawudo Ikman Wanne
00:04:13 Sudath Prasanna WithanageHarsha Bulathsinhala
00:05:38 Nilar N KassimHarsha Bulathsinhala
0010Maa Sitha Thaniwela
00:03:44 Sudath Prasanna WithanageHarsha Bulathsinhala
0011Me Lowa Gaemburuyi
00:03:33 Nilar N KassimPradeep Bogahawatta
0012Nosithu Adaraya
00:03:14 Chaminda RathnasooriyaHarsha Bulathsinhala
0013Sadakalika Adare
00:05:14 Lucien BulathsinhalaHarsha Bulathsinhala
0014Sihine (Kumari)
00:05:17 Jakson AnthonyPradeep Bogahawatta
0015Thaniwii Sitinnayi
00:04:21 Clarence WijewardenaClarence Wijewardena (New - Pradeep Bogahawatta)
0016Upul Kopul
00:03:21 K D K DharmawardenaVictor Ratnayake (New - Pradeep Bogahawatta)

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