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Nalaka Anjana Kumara

Nalaka Anjana Kumara

We are delighted to feature the debut Music CD of Nalaka Anjana Kumara, Rathriya containing 18 original great songs for your listening pleasure.

Nalaka Anjana Kumara is a talented musician who has made a name for himself in music composition and background music direction. As evident from these featured songs, he certainly is a talented vocalist as well. We congradulate him on the new CD production and wish him success! This debut album of Nalaka contains lyrics written by several great lyrics writers and music composition by great Sri Lankan music composers. He himself composed many the songs in the album.

Nalaka is a prominent classical eastern musician in Sri Lanka. He has accompanied Dr. Amaradeva on tours to Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Middle East countries as a musician and vocalist.

Nalaka has directed music for numerous Tele Dramas and the movie Rajjumala in Sri Lanka. He has also directed music for new as well as professional vocalists in Sri Lanka.

Nalaka is currently an employee at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation's Music Division.

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Rathriya by Nalaka Anjana Kumara
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Dhawala Tharangi
00:04:42 Somadasa SuriyarachchiAthula Kumara Edirisinghe
0002Giwisagath Sitha
00:04:04 Saman PriyadarshanaRohana Bogoda/Nalaka Anjana Kumara
00:01:31 Wasantha Rohana
0004Kandu Mathin
00:04:26 Nimal GunasekeraNimal Gunasekera
0005Koo Dhoni
00:03:57 Rambukana Siddartha HimiNalaka Anjana Kumara
0006Malin Upan
00:03:52 Kumara LiyanageNalaka Anjana Kumara
0007Mudhu Seetha
00:04:36 Sunil Chandra WickramasingheNalaka Anjana Kumara
0008Muniwatha Daraaganna
00:03:20 Somadasa SuriyarachchiJagath Wickramasinghe
0009Numba Gihin
00:03:57 Jayaliya Jiwanthi JayasekeraLakshitha Mataraarachchi
0010Numbata Pichcha Malak
00:03:49 Nadeera JayasekeraGundasa Kapuge / Nalaka Anjana Kumara
0011Oya Rathriya
00:03:53 Shantha DeshabanduNalaka Anjana Kumara
0012Punchi Dhu Kumari
00:03:18 Swarna GunawardenaGamini Gunasekera
0013Ruhunu Kumari
00:04:04 Somadasa SuriyarachchiNalaka Anjana Kumara
0014Sinidhuyi Sitha
00:04:45 Chinthani IndurangalaNalaka Anjana Kumara
00:04:01 Suramya MapitiyaNalaka Anjana Kumara
0016Thaniwelaa Maa
00:04:25 Rathna Sri WijesingheNalaka Anjana Kumara
0017Tikiri Liyo
00:03:31 Dhammika BandaraNimal Gunasekera
00:03:42 Gunadasa AmarasekeraNalaka Anjana Kumara
0019Yodun Ganan
00:03:47 Deshanjali WickramasingheJagath Wickramasinghe

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