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Dickson Hemantha

Dickson Hemantha

Sunilka Vitanage

Sriyani Senaratne

Himali Ruvangala

We are featuring a great collection of 12 songs by Dickson Hemantha for your listenining pleasure. Dickson Hemantha's newest CD released in Washington DC, USA contains 09 songs composed by him and 03 songs composed by Rohana Weerasinghe. Duets are sung by Sunilka Vithanage, Himali Ruwangala, and Sriyani Senaratne.

Dickson Hemantha is a talented singer who hails from Dehiwala and Moratuwa. He sang in 'Sarala Gee' programs and several other musical programs at the SLBC. He palyed the main role and singing in the stage play "Dittamangalika," written and directed by Rohana Senaratne and shown in Washington and New York. He is an active member of the Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya of Washington. He also sang duets with Malini Bulathsinhala at her "Senda Ahasa" show in Washington in March, 2001. He also did the playback singing for the stage play "Ranthetiya," drama written and directed by Chandrasinghe de Saram and shown in Washington. He has shared the hidden talents of Sri Lankan Washingtonians in making his remarkable debut - Sinhala music Cd - 'Etha duraka' with Sunilka Vitanage,Sriyani Senaratne and Himali Ruvangala.

Music orchestration for all songs were done by Rohana Weerasinghe. Sounds & Recording by John Bell. Lyrics were written by Saman Chandranath Weerasinghe, Kumaradasa Herath, Leela Daluwakgoda, Priyanga Amarawardana, S.A.D. Subasinghe and Dickson himself. Cover Design was by Ranil Seneviratne, Sankha Dantanarayana and Lionel Tillekaratne.

Supporting Vocalists:

Sunilka Vitanage - is a Talented singer who took part in Lama Mandapaya and music programms at the SLBC. She sang at the cultural celebrations held in Washington by Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya and is a Member of the singing chorus with Visharada Amaradeva at 'Amara Geesara' held in Washington.

Sriyani Senaratne - is Well talented singer with trained voice. She Sang duets with popular playback singer H. R. Jothipala under the guidance of musician late Sarath Dassanayake. She also Took part in singing at cultural activities in Washington organised by Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya and is a Member of the singing chorus with Visharada Amaradeva at 'Amara Geesara' held in Washington and is married to Violin maestro D.I.Senaratne.

Himali Ruvangala - is a Singer with great talent. She Had the opportunity to sing in music programms at SLBC, Participated in singing at cultural functions in Washington held by Sri Lanka Ranga Kala Kavaya. She is the main female playback singer in 'Ranthetiya' stage play written and directed by Chandrasinghe de Saram and shown in Washington and is a member of the singing chorus with Visharada Amaradeva at 'Amara Geesara' held in Washington.

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Etha Duraka

Back Cover


Etha Duraka by Dickson Hemantha
# Title Duration Lyricist Tune Composer Lyrics
0001Agahingakam Maeda by Dickson Hemantha and Sriyani Senarathne
00:04:48 Leela DaluwakgodaDickson Hemantha
0002Dewolata Awemi by Dickson Hemantha
00:04:03 Saman Chandranath WeerasingheRohana Weerasinghe
0003Etha Duraka by Dickson Hemantha and Sunilka Vithanage
00:04:22 Dickson HemanthaDickson Hemantha
0004Issara Dawasaka by Dickson Hemantha and Sunilka Vithanage
00:03:37 Priyanga AmarawardenaDickson Hemantha
0005Mawpiya Dedenaa by Dickson Hemantha
00:04:15 Dickson HemanthaDickson Hemantha
0006Piyaaneni by Dickson Hemantha
00:03:44 Kumaradasa HerathDickson Hemantha
0007Podi Puthu by Dickson Hemantha and Sunilka Vithanage
00:03:41 Leela DaluwakgodaDickson Hemantha
0008Punsanda Dilihii by Dickson Hemantha and Sunilka Vithanage
00:03:26 Kumaradasa HerathRohana Weerasinghe
0009Ranganaa Obe by Dickson Hemantha and Himali Ruwangala
00:04:03 S A D SubasingheDickson Hemantha
0010Silisili Bopath by Dickson Hemantha
00:04:19 Rohana SenaratneRohana Weerasinghe
0011Singithi Duwee by Dickson Hemantha
00:04:35 Leela DaluwakgodaDickson Hemantha
0012Saendae Walaa by Himali Ruwangala
00:03:43 Priyanga AmarawardenaDickson Hemantha

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