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New Pop  nv jny

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51 Dhewinde
00:03:23 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
52 Bala Bilindu
b`l ċ
00:03:41 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
53 Sadha Mawu
sq` m
00:04:53 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
54 Gimana Niwana
mn vn
00:03:43 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
55 Mage Asha
m@g a\\`
00:03:43 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
56 Nelaa Gena Maa
@nl` @gn m`
00:04:37 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
57 Oba Dhedunnak
ob @qNnK
00:04:17 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
58 Thaana Than Dena
w`n wN @qn
00:03:16 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
59 Sunila Appe
l a@P
00:03:30 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
60 Lakala Ruwan
lkl r#vN
00:03:45 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
61 Pipichcha Mal
Cc mL
00:02:56 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
62 Krishnajinaa
00:04:35 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
63 Wathu Sudhu
00:04:01 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
64 Batha Bulathin
bw lN
00:03:12 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
65 Amaawilata
00:03:33 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
66 Chandra Kumariye
cN m@Y
00:03:03 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
67 Kalaalayak
00:03:02 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
68 Wenwa Noyannata
@vNv @n`yNnt
00:03:08 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
69 Hiru Kirana
r# rz
00:03:16 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
70 Maa Soyaa
m` @s`y`
00:04:09 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
71 Sema Satha Wetha
s#m sw @vw
00:03:51 Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
72 Ruwata Noeluni
r#vt @n`a#U
00:03:31  Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
73 Athembulak Lesin
aw#lK @lN
00:04:58  Abeywardena, Indhiwari
iNv a@BvR[n
74 Duu Puthune
00:02:33 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
75 Egodaha Gang Iwure
e@g`dh gA i@R
00:03:03 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
76 Kanakara Saerasuu
knkr s#r
00:03:52 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
77 Kaetapath Pawuraki
k#tpW pr
00:02:40 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
78 Mal Gena Aawe
mL @gn a`@v
00:02:21 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
79 Pipuna Malaka
n mlk
00:02:54 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
80 Sulange Lelena
l@ @l@ln`
00:03:56  Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
81 Tharaka Eli
w`rk` e
00:03:17  Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
82 Adharayata Numba Kandulu Salayi
a`qryt x k sl
00:04:06 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
83 Samugena Yannata
s@gn yNnt
00:03:05 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
84 Sithak Sirakara
wK rkr
00:03:40 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
85 Sri Kuruseta
00:05:09 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
86 Malata Malin
mlt mN
00:03:04 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
87 Sardhakaashe
00:04:42 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
88 Guruthumani Mage
r#m m@G
00:03:24 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
89 Sobana Chandra Paayanaa
@s`bn cN` p`yn`
00:03:24 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
90 Udaw Karannata
uqV krNnt
00:04:14 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
91 Nihanda Unusum
h uM
00:04:19 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
92 Mal Wesse Mal Paawada
mL v#S@S mL p`vd
00:04:02 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
93 Sanden Rankiri Bindak Illa
s@>N rN >K iLl`
00:04:12 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
94 Sondhuru Sarasawi Waramak
@s`r# srs vrmK
00:03:14 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
95 Sandha Saawiyasee
s> s`y@S
00:04:10 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
96 Paela Dig Ahasee
p$l G ah@S
00:03:54 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
97 Bindu Bindu Kandulu
N N kU
00:04:01 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
98 Dorin Dora Aewilenaa
@q`N @q`r a#@ln`
00:03:50 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
99 Pin Puralaamadha
N rl`mq
00:04:15 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
100 Pawan Raelle
pvN L@L
00:04:08 Abeywickrama, Shalitha
\\`w a@Bm
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 521:32:41
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Nalin Jayawardena: Duru Ratawala Api

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