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Drama  n`t&

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# Title Duration Artist
1 Vibage Vibage    [Vikurthi]
b`@G b`@G    (k^)
00:03:01 Abeysinghe, Tilak
lK a@BAh
2 Mudu Molok Mal    [Kuweni]
˭ @m`@l`K mL    (@V)
00:03:14 Alwis, Nalin
nN aLS
3 Tharabaru Pohosath
wrb`r# @p`@h`sW
00:02:42 Anthony, Jackson
j#KsN a#Nw
4 Yaaluwo Maaluwo
y`@v` m`@v`
00:02:16 Anthony, Jackson
j#KsN a#Nw
5 Eka Dheka Kara Kiyanaa
ek @qk kr yn`
00:02:19 Anthony, Jackson
j#KsN a#Nw
6 Sobhawadee Mepura
@s`X`v@Q @mr
00:03:05  Ariyawimal, U.
. a`ymL
7 Soobhawadhe    [Tharawo Igilethi]
@s~X`v@Q    (w`r`@v` i@l)
00:03:08  Ariyawimal, U.
. a`ymL
8 Bhulo Pamini
@l~ p#
00:02:42 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
9 Piliganta Bae Ee Kima
gNt b$ E m
00:03:08 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
10 Simbinemi Premi
@n @
00:01:39 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
11 Natha Hariyanne
n#w hyN@N
00:02:23  Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
12 Bala Pera Maga
bl` @pr m<
00:01:51 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
13 Giri Kula Mudhune    [Wessanthara]
l @N    (@vSsNwr)
00:04:08 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
14 Muhudu Pathula Yata    [Muudu Puththu]
˸ pl yt    (̭ W)
00:03:12 Attanayake, Manike
m#@K aWwn`yk
15 Sulangin Biththi Thaenu
lN W w#
00:03:17 Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
16 Bae Bae Gedara Yanna Bae
b# b# @gqr yNn b#
00:02:33 Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
17 Diikiri Diikiri
ٿ ٿ
00:02:54  Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
18 Thattukaranna Hemin
wTkrNn @hN
00:03:52 Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
19 Eka Dheka Kara Kiyanaa
ek @qk kr yn`
00:02:19 Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
20 Rangahala Daen 00:04:12  Bulathsinhala, Anula
al` lWAhl
21 Bae Bae Gedara Yanna Bae
b# b# @gqr yNn b#
00:02:33 Bulathsinhala, Lucien
;N lWAhl
22 Purushabhawayayi Ape
r#;X`vy a@P
00:01:56 Bulathsinhala, Lucien
;N lWAhl
23 Dakkoth Padmawathi
q#K@k`W pQm`v
00:02:42  Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
24 Piliganta Bae
gNt b$
00:03:08 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
25 Than Than Walama
w#N w#N vlm
00:01:49 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
26 Kumatada Sobhaniye
mtq @s`X@Y
00:03:55  Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
27 Kumatada Sobhaniye (Version 2)
mtq @s`X@Y (wv ekK)
00:03:38  Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
28 Kiri Pussa    [Sekkuwa]
Ss`    (@sKv)
00:03:19  Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
29 Api Seerama    [Maha Giri Dhamba]
a @Srm    (mh qx)
00:03:33 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
30 Digas Konin    [Ambusaemiyo]
g#S @k`N    (as#@y~)
00:01:56 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
31 Kula Bhedha
l @Bq
00:02:10 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
32 Sinidhu Seela    [Diwes Helanu Maena]
@Sl    (v#S @hl m#n)
00:02:03 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
33 Suranidhuge    [Diwes Helanu Maena]
r΋@G    (v#S @hl m#n)
00:02:04 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
34 Sihiwe Nitharama    [Diwes Helanu Maena]
@V wrm    (v#S @hl m#n)
00:02:32 Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
35 Parasakwala (Kiri Pussa)    [Sekkuwa]
prsKvl ( Ss`)    (@sKv)
00:03:24  Chandrajith, JayaSri
jy/ CNܺW
36 Wasana Dineki
v`sn` @n
00:04:03  De Silva, John
@j~N q Lv`
37 Ada Wessanthara    [Wessanthara]
aq @vSsNwr    (@vSsNwr)
00:04:17  De Silva, John
@j~N q Lv`
38 Bo Dos Kiya
@b~ @q`S y`
00:02:21  De Silva, John
@j~N q Lv`
39 Sri Sangabodi
00:02:26  De Silva, John
@j~N q Lv`
40 Dan Bari Theare
q#N b` @W@R
00:03:05 De Silva, John
@j~N q Lv`
41 Ekamaga Yana Sohoyuran    [Nelum Pokuna]
ekmg yn @s`@h`rN    (@nM @p`z)
00:03:15 Dharmadasa, Pradeepa
p` [Rmq`s
42 Ekama Waekiyak    [Nelum Pokuna]
ekm v#yK    (@nM @p`z)
00:01:56 Dharmadasa, Pradeepa
p` [Rmq`s
43 Sath Piyumin    [Nelum Pokuna]
sW N    (@nM @p`z)
00:01:30 Dharmadasa, Pradeepa
p` [Rmq`s
44 Bhulo Pamini
@l~ p#
00:02:42 Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
45 Sunkaralami Mama
Nkrl` mm
00:02:44 Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
46 Dakkoth Padmawathi
q#K@k`W pQm`v
00:02:42  Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
47 Piliganta Bae
gNt b$
00:03:08 Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
48 Yama Bae Aae Dala
y`m b$ a$ q`l`
00:02:49 Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
49 Simbinemi Premi
@n @
00:01:39 Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
50 Natha Hariyanne
n#w hyN@N
00:02:23  Dias, Charles
c`RLS dyS
Total Duration [hh:mm:ss] 09:13:56
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